Year: 2018
Client: The Manila Farm
Industries: Agriculture, Food and Beverage
Identity, Packaging, Storytelling, Illustration
Grace Muncada - Copywriting and Strategy
Nikko Ng - Photography

I was tasked to redesign Manila Farm's original efforts of branding to a more modern and distinct brand that aims to showcase them as a premier yet personal, something that they also live by.
They started with a story of retiring to a quiet life in the province having lived out most of their lives in Metro Manila. After buying a certain piece of land and started farming just as something to pass the time, they saw the potential of the land not just for their family, but for business as well. 
With the potential of serving a bigger market, the family’s second generation decided to help grow the business and start the groundwork of becoming fully commercial.
They realized that soon the offerings will go beyond the dragon fruits. There is now a need to create an all-encompassing brand for their business, their products, and their farm.

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