Year:  2022

Industries: Retail, Leather
Deliverables: Identity, Social Media
Mariel Manalansan embarked on his leather crafting journey as a side hustle while working as a full-time barista in Malaysia. Curiosity sparked when he observed his boss engaged in leatherwork, prompting him to pick up a set of tools and create a wallet. He hasn't looked back since.

This branding is a part of my BRANDICAL set, offering practical branding solutions where I assist MSMEs in developing their brand identity at a subsidized cost.

His business comprises two main aspects: retail, involving the sale of premium leather items like bags and purses; and education, where he teaches individuals the art of crafting leather goods. 

The design I crafted for the client focused on creating a mark that resonates well with leather. The concept evolved into a stamp-like emblem, reminiscent of traditional livestock branding. Additionally, to leave a distinct impression, an actual signature, represented by the "Mr M" motif, was incorporated beneath the typographic structure

Taking an unconventional approach, the logomark signature was positioned below the typography.

Discover more about them on their Facebook page:

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