Year: 2021
Client: Glam Nest

Industries: Vintage Cameo, Fine Jewelry
Deliverables: Identity, Storytelling, Photography
Collaborator: Grace Muncada-Rosario (Copywriting)

Cameos have been making a comeback. And they are here to bring vintage glamour to you.

Glam Nest is a small jewelry business with a passion for vintage cameos and antique accessories. 

Several years back, the owners realized that beautiful jewelry pieces in commercial places were often too expensive, while most of the affordable pieces in the market were of poor quality and were made with substitute materials.

With this challenge, they found a need to give more people the choice and access to authentic and affordable jewelry that they can enjoy, feel glamorous in, and pass on as future heirlooms.

We collaborated with Glam Nest to make their passion resonate more to their audience. We designed their new brand identity to convey the words— “elegant” and “classic.” You will find that we blended vintage appeal with relatable storytelling and deliberate choices on design elements and palettes to make the brand story more compelling.  We stitched all these together to put the spotlight on the cameo as a piece of handcrafted art that you can wear anytime and anywhere.

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