Year: 2020
Client: Coco and Blends Tea House
Industries: Food and Beverage
Identity, Storytelling, Illustration, Environmental Design

Coco and Blends Tea House is a small yet promising milk tea house located in Mandaluyong. They started in the middle of a pandemic, which is crazy in its own, yet also is laudable because of the courage it took for the owners to do so. 

Coco and Blends' idea for their design is simple: it should be refreshing, something that reminds them of waking up well-rested in the province, with cool breeze and warm sunlight. The right blend of refreshing scenario we all wanted while cooped up inside our homes during the lockdown. 

Although we know this pandemic and quarantines will eventually be over, we still want people to have a fresh take on this nationally-loved drink. 

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