Year: 2017
Client: ANT Industrial Works, Inc.
Industries: Industrial, Manufacturing
Identity, Storytelling, Graphic Design, Layout

To Serve our Clients with Excellence,
Accountability and Honesty.
Our Service to our Clients is our Service to
the Philippines.
Our Service to the Philippines is our Service
to the Lord Jesus Christ.


With years of experience in the industrial field, ANT Industrial Works, Inc. has decided to have an alignment in their internal and external messaging and design. We were tapped to show their expertise in the field, seriousness, and overall mission for the country.

The design process was more of a taking note of what’s already there and just placing them in the right spots. The logo was not entirely changed, but built the assets from it. The striking red was defined, and the ideology from the shapes were used as inspiration for the materials that sprung from it. 

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