Year: 2020
Client: DEVCON Philippines
Industries: Financial, Technology
Identity, Merchandise, Social Media

For business owners, taxes are a dread.
Though it is a duty to the nation, and most entrepreneurs are more than willing to pay, it is sometimes the process in paying and understanding the taxes that brings fear or frustration to most business owners or solopreneurs.
With this, USAID, in partnership with DEVCON, has suggested a solution to our local government’s BIR to find a solution in light of these tax woes. 
Thus, HACKATAX.PH, an event that aims to find the best digital solutions for taxes will be made this Q1 2020 and hopefully be in rollout during tax season this April.
Pencilstate was taken in as the event's official design partner and our solution was to tone down the seriousness of the idea behind taxes. 
The "caret" was the main symbol used, being a symbol for change in codes. It then became the pattern used. As for color schemes, still based it on the official colors of the Philippines, with some tones made brighter.

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