Year: 2020
Client: Next Theory
Industries: Arts and Design, Culture, Creatives
Visual Identity, Social Media


Whole Next Theory team
Hosts: Victoria Herrera and Brent Javier
Producers: Yani Moya, Mhey Corpuz, Tish Amador
Design: Dustin Carbonera
Words: Jenica Chuahiock
Beats: Mangoroom Studios & Lois Silvestre
Editing: Lois Silvestre

"From the Philippines to the World. This is an interview series with creative entrepreneurs, taste makers, and change agents.  We dissect the journey they took from dream to reality— exchanging stories from the past, motivations in the present, to ideas for the future."

Next Theory reached out considered me to be the designer for this podcast and the basic premise of the design is the theory of relativity.

The theory of relativity states that “The basic idea is that instead of being an invisible force that attracts objects to one another, gravity is a curving or warping of space.”

Basically, the idea of this is we’re living in different perspectives but amazingly in the same plane. This did not have an icon but the shape and direction itself proves and tells that story of visions and perspectives.

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