Year: 2020
Client: Personal Project
Industries: Publishing

Design, Art Direction, Writing, Typography

Kevin Abesamis
Ken Lam Dela Cruz

Working within the confines of a letter is the premise behind the #36DaysOfType challenge which I have tried not doing because I personally was intimidated with what I have been seeing.

This year was going to pass much like any other before things took a turn when the Corona Virus Disease of 2019 (COVID19) became a global pandemic that forced nations to implement wide-scale quarantines  for their population to avoid catching the disease. This  led to only a  handful of  clients to work with, but more time to do some design challenges to keep sharpening my skills and to keep me sane. 

This attempt of committing to an everyday practice also came with the idea of intertwining it with “Word” study. In a time when anxiety and fear is gripping the whole world, we wanted to share inspiration, and hope to people through design, and through God’s Word.

What's interesting in this one is that this is a collaboration with a lot of friends. When I asked them if they could write for me, most said yes, thus this compilation became bigger than me and is something that I am truly proud of. 

You may buy a copy here.
© 2020 Dustin Carbonera

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