Year: 2018
Client: Ardy Roberto
Industries: Publishing
Art Direction, Book Cover layout

“Because life isn’t always business as usual.”

Eddie is a young entrepreneur at the end of his rope. Struggling with his personal demons and about to totally give up, Eddie providentially encounters Kuya Tim, a kind hearted entrepreneur who decides to mentor him on a heart-transforming adventure. 


We were tasked to create a book cover for renowned author and international speaker Ardy Roberto (author of Real Men are POGI, Ang Pera na Hindi Bitin, and the award-winning The Heart of Healing). This is his ninth book and his first work of fiction. 
Initial ideas was like from Wimpy Kid covers since this is a fiction book and tackles about the basics but we ended up with a simple idea of typography. 
The “semicolon” (;) is an international sign for mental health struggles or the importance of suicide prevention, which the main character, Eddie struggled with in the first part (spoiler alert!). We used it here as a symbolism and when paired with the title made to be like a smile, it forms a winking smiley, as if saying it is going to be alright, as God planned it to be.

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