Year: 2021
Project: The Cavite Armalite Type for 36 (26) Days of Type.

For context, this year's try on "36 Days of Type" is something that I shortened and I stopped after finishing all alphabet letters. 
This set is inspired by the "Cavite armalite" type that if you're from Cavite, you'd actually recognize. Truth be told, the history of why this Cavite armalite was born isn't traceable as of the moment but the immediate reference I have in mind would be the armed gangs that infamously roamed the mean streets of Cavite during 60s to 80s. One character in mind would be Leonardo Manicio or more known for his nickname "Nardong Putik". 
The main type for this set is "C", being the stock of an armalite, shaped to be like a hook as the name of Cavite itself is as said to be a Hispanicized form of "Kawit" or "kalawit", words equivalent to "hook". The hook idea came as a reference to the small hook shaped peninsula which is present-day Cavite City, a very important naval city.


Photos used:
"Cavite City" by Judgefloro (Wikipedia)
"Digman" by
"Pico de Loro" by Schadow1 Expeditions
"Aguinaldo Shrine" by Patrick Roque
Cavite City photos from

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