Year: 2021
Project: Dustin Carbonera x
Cup of Keith Special Coffee Packaging Project

If there's one thing that I enjoy sharing with other people, it's coffee.
I have always wanted to create a visual identity for a cafe, whether local or international. While it is not happening yet, might as well be a self-starter, take it as a packaging design challenge and at the same time, be a blessing to others.
Some, if not most of the people whom I have had the pleasure to work with over the past years, ranging from clients to collaborators, have become friends. 
Since we can't enjoy coffee right now face to face, I thought of sending some coffee at home for them to enjoy too.
I know them being strong-willed, but everyone needs some checking every once in a while. And my love language in asking how they are is coffee. 
Collaborated with a Cavite-based coffee brand Cup of Keith, with me re-doing the coffee's label sticker and a special set of packaging. We hope our small design exercise makes our friends feel better, and know that we're all in this event, together. 

Coffee Brand: Cup of Keith​​​​​​​

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