Year: 2018
Client: Dennis Sy
Industries: Publishing
Art Direction, Illustration

I was tasked to design the book cover of the latest book (2018) of best-selling author, speaker, and pastor, Dennis Sy

Giants for Breakfast is a book aimed to focus on the timeless Bible story of David and Goliath. The challenge was to create an imagery that would show the action between underdog David and the giant Goliath in another angle. 

There has been already tons of literature and images that depict this epic battle so illustrating was a task that required different studies and angles. 

Our first task was to read the initial manuscript to get the direction of the story and from there we made sketches from the literal placing them as archaic plate art to the immortal giant versus shepherd face-to-face.

In the end, the front cover that won featured a towering Goliath on an overcast of bloody red sky, and placing David dead center illustrated in angular shape style. 

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