TeleTech Sports League (2015)

TeleTech Sports League is an annual company-wide sports event, headlined by basketball and volleyball, two of the most popular sports here in the Philippines.

This year, I got the chance again to design these. I just love designing sports-themed events/projects and here’s what I was able to create.  This year, the Philippines Employee Communications team wanted to highlight the newly-installed Values of the company.

As for the design itself, it was a challenge really at first because they had different light setups, different shadows and all that but I did what I had to do. Below are the individual teasers showing the company values.

02245_2015 TeleTech Sports League Communications_Teaser2_v2 02245_2015 TeleTech Sports League Communications_Teaser3 02245_2015 TeleTech Sports League Communications_Teaser4 02245_2015 TeleTech Sports League Communications_Teaser5 02245_2015 TeleTech Sports League Communications_Teaser6

Then as reveal, well, the official was different (we used a template frame) but shared you the original concept.

Photos: Gary Clotario

Copy: Genevieve Bolong