Pinto Art Museum

At last! After months of trying to look for opportunities in visiting this now-a-hipster destination, I have now set foot in Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo.

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Dustin, in Denver!

Touvchdown, Denver Airport!

Last March, I was able to have the opportunity to briefly live the American dream. I was part of the five-man team sent to our corporate office in Denver to train for our new system. Seriously, being a designer, this is one of my dreams but never really thought it would happen.

Sharing some random stills of what I experienced in Denver. The weather is just a complete polar opposite of what we have here in the Philippines!

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Courts of Faith!



It is finally out! Court of Faith– a short film collaboration of Court Kingz with its CEO Victor Martinez and King of Streetball Hot Sauce (Phillip Champion) and Hype Streetball main guys Nino Ventura (Lil Flash) and Michael Pablico (Ball Hustla) that aims to bring about inspiration to the nation.

I recommend you to watch this short video here: and be inspired!

Be ready to be taken to COURT and BELIEVE



Last September, we in Hype Streetball in partnership with Court Kingz have brought you the best streetballer in the world, Hot Sauce through this event. It was successful with fans rallying to see Hot Sauce. His tour didn’t end there though as he also went down South up to Iloilo and Boracay and up north to Subic to collect some ankles. In between, a movie was created.

Watch out for it as we release this short film this November 2! Stay tuned as this is a first in Philippine streetball, or even streetball in general. Film directed by Lil Flash, Nino Ventura.

Of course, marketing materials done by your truly. 🙂

TeleTech Recognition Grand Awards Night: The Green Room


Having attended the TeleTech Recognition Grand Awards Night for years now (haven’t missed a year even though I was out of the company), it never fails to really give me the chills seeing the executives and employees simply mingling with each other, showing a very unique culture that TeleTech has. This company really shows how it values the exemplary employees who every day, bring in their A game and does not compromise quality over anything else.

This year I was assigned in our own special area, as we call, the ‘Green Room’, and within the confines of this area, I tried my best to showcase the story of the night, which is all about employee recognition. Hope you enjoy the set of images here, randomly placed but carefully selected to take you back on that special night.

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TeleTech Recognition Grand Awards Night 2014: Night of Royalties and Excellence

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

Even when I went out of TeleTech last year, this is something that I just couldn’t miss. I just love that TeleTech really shows how they value their employees. For me, this is a night when stars shine the brightest. This is where executives and employees get to wine and dine and get a better temp check/feel with each other.

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