I’m a graphic designer who specializes in brand identities. I get to have one of the most wonderful but one of the most daunting jobs in the world–to create identities that should look not only great but also could withstand the test of time.

As of writing, I have gained my years of experience in design not only through formal day jobs, but also through side projects that has refined my taste, client relations, management, and most importantly, leadership skills.

By profession, I am a Senior Graphic Designer for TeleTech, but I also do freelance design work, just to add zest and variety to what I do.
Shoot me an email at graphicdustin@gmail.com

To have a better grasp who I am, here are some random fact blasts about myself:

  • I serve the Lord Jesus Christ first. Yes, I am a Christian. My art is pretty much inspired by His excellence when it comes to creating things. Just look at this world!
  • I have a fiance named Jacqueline Yabut, who of course, serves not only as a girlfriend but also confidant, editor-in-chief, conscience, critic, boss, auditor, secretary, treasurer (she keeps part of my money so that I don’t use them on some wasted shindigs), and future wife.
  • I love the color orange. The color signifies energy and cheerfulness. The color orange gives me energy boosts when needed. No, it is not because of Enervon. The fondness to the color started with my course in college, Broadcast Journalism.
  • I can safely say that my first love is graphic design. I am into minimalist and clean design. Anyone care for Swiss Design? And I love typography. I easily get irritated with wrong fonts on such good designs, and hate more wrong fonts on bad designs.
  • I am into sports, most especially running and basketball. With that, I am also a creative director for Hype Streetball, the best streetball team in PH.
  • I have no formal art course whatsoever. As the Dagooc brothers said it in their blog, the real world can give you the best courses.

Share your thoughts! :)

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