Pinto Art Museum

At last! After months of trying to look for opportunities in visiting this now-a-hipster destination, I have now set foot in Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo.

I am accompanied by these two lovely ladies, Ezie and Cams, who earlier just finished a 10K race in Antipolo Marathon. Good accomplishment for both this 2015!

Pinto Art Museum boasts of 5 big galleries, carefully and artfully curated in Spanish/Greek-inspired villas/halls.

No wonder people flock the place; it’s a haven for great art-chitecture so to speak. Just check IG or Twitter to know what I mean. It’s easy to go to. If you don’t have your own vehicle, it’s one trike within the Antipolo city proper. The entrance is just Php180 for adults. 🙂

If you’re looking for a good way to spend your afternoon, the artsy way, we definitely recommend Pinto Art Museum. Side note: they have a really friendly security guard.





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