Hot Sauce in Manila Streetball Classic!


With roughly a month of advertising for this event, at last, Hot Sauce in Manila Streetball Classic wrapped up!

Amazing that when I was in high school, I was just trying to emulate his ball tricks and amazing handles, last August 30, I saw him play live! Not just that, I got to create the whole brand pack for this event. Illustrating Hot Sauce, posters, shirts, everything (which I will create a whole portfolio page for this next time).

Aside from Hot Sauce, we were able to invite some names as feature in our roster. Below? Young JV (rapper and artist) who apparently had a streetball past. Great.


Below is Hype’s main man Lil Wiz (who you can see as Lil Flash here) and PBA player in Air21 Express, Eliud Polygrates, who is  a big fan of Hot Sauce and hails as “Hot Sauce of Cebu).



Here’s Hot Sauce and Victor Martinez (Court Kingz’ CEO and Founder) and in the middle is Marc McDowell, Philippine Basketball for Jesus, the event’s beneficiary.


And here’s some snapshot of my blow by blow coverage of the event (of course no game shots, my phone can’t take that), but sharing some of the photos after. Our players became ball heros after. Look!



Above’s Chill, Bounce, Rim Rocka (Sprite Slam Dunk Winner 2014), Sky High, and H20.



Hype Streetball’s darling, Vitamin C (Camille Ramos), with a fan and… well, FANS (people really mobbed her)



She wasn’t the only girl star though, as her sister, Nicole Ramos from PTV Sports (our event’s host), became a fan darling too!

10639614_755835191150339_107893921537507570_n Well, looks like a Lil Wiz fan here. Just look at the hair.



Here’s the complete team photo of the Hype Streetball ballers plus with Hot Sauce and Victor Martinez.



Thank you Lord for helping us create this event in such short notice. And we’re feeling this is only the beginning! Yessir!

Btw, follow us in Instagram and twitter @hypestreetball and in Facebook, just key in “Hype Streetball”.



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