My “Filipino Spirit is Waterproof” art included in KIITO (Kobe, Japan)


Who knew that a simple artwork I made to give inspiration would really go somewhere?

I posted this artwork below before in the site and then I got an email from Ayala Museum that my artwork will be included in an exhibit that will be done in Japan. Of course, I was stoked! Here’s an excerpt from Ayala Museum:

Ayala Museum’s The Filipino Spirit is Waterproof graphic design campaign was selected to be part of the Earth Manual Project, an exhibition featuring creative projects for disaster mitigation, relief, and response. The exhibition was held at the Design and Creative Center (KIITO) in Kobe, Japan as part of the 2013 Kobe Biennale. Curated by Hirakazu Nagata, the exhibition will run from October 4 – 24 2013.

So happy to see my artwork to be included in a set that is all about sending out inspiration to our fellow Filipinos.

Here are some photos from the event, taken from Ayala Museum’s account:

579173_645337128820203_184586961_n 1380659_645337385486844_301812083_n 1383305_645338328820083_1623908307_n 1394162_645337858820130_579648463_n

You can view the whole album here.

And here’s a little souvenir I got, well, aside from the honor itself in being that set. 🙂



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