Art Gallery Hopping: Pophaus and Arturo Luz

Even though I lack sleep and energy, still pushed through to go to an exhibit because of a friend. Hann, our newest workmate (graphic designer under Digital and Animations), is a fresh grad of Multimedia Arts of College of Saint Benilde (#animo!) and she invited us to an exhibition of her friends in Makati.


Pophaus, A Modern Art Shack is an exhibit done by student artists from CSB. They showcased digital art focused on Modern Pop references.


Pophaus_6The ones below are shirt prints, with references to popular actors and characters.

Pophaus_4Pophaus_2Pophaus_3Then, good thing that Finale Art File is just at the other side of the compound and we were able (well, at least me, who’s very excited on this), to witness the great art works of National Artist, Arturo Luz. Just in time, it was the exhibit’s last day!


Derived from the site:

This exhibition of new works on wood and metal likewise points to different trajectories of the abstract. Luz imbues geometry with physical presence through creating modular forms, grids, cubes and blocks, standing solidly in space. He also indulges in the play of monochromatic surfaces and patterns, denoting a carnivalesque dance of shadow and light. Other objects alternately recall primitivist and prehistoric totems and pay homage to artistic personalities associated with the development of abstraction. These contradictions create archetypes and votive markers of both the forgotten past and the contemporary present.




And before I forget, here are the people I was with, Santa and Hann (never mind the other guy).


AL_3Here’s my favorite piece in the place, aptly titled “Black Forms on White Space”. This is the most majestic piece for me in this exhibit.

AL_7Photo below grabbed from Santa, me taking a picture of this wonderful piece.


Just shows talent knows no age, whether you are just starting or already a legend in the field of art. Makes me excited with seeing more art exhibits in the future and probably an exhibit of my own in the future. Right? 🙂


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