iRunner, the team who gave you LUUM 2 (La Union Unity Marathon) now presents you another great challenge–IBTUR88K Ultra Marathon — UNBREAKABLE.

If you thought running a marathon is hard and fulfilling, what more a distance doubling the 26.2 mile mark?

But IBTUR88K Ultra Marathon, along with its aim to give a runner a new challenge, it does have some great things with it. For one, the route will span nine towns in Northern La Union; a route filled with pristine seas and great forestry. That’s just the runner part. From the iRunner:

This event aims to give back to the less fortunate children and students of La Union, because some portion of the proceeds of this event will help the set-up a library to serve the three (300) indigent students of Brgy. Baraoas. These children lived 20 kilometers away from the city proper, their geographical location deprive them of so many things including the access to better or functional library.

To check details about this event, you may check out PinoyFitness.com’s post on this.

As for brief glimpse of the details:


As for me, I am sharing the items I did for this event. I did the overall design for this project. A runner myself, I considered designs that a runner would love.

I used a thick typeface for this one, modified for IBTUR88K. The 88K isn’t really placed as 88K literally, but illustrated as that star you see at the end of the event logo. I imagined that star as the hardships of the race itself, and the runner being the star of the event.

IBTUR88K_RaceBib IBTUR88K_RunningShirt IBTUR88K_RunningShirt_Finisher

And I will be at the event for sure, to surf (of course, it’s in La Union!) and to take photos, because I don’t think I can train for 88K with the short span I am given.


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