TeleTech Sports League Advert (2011)


2011 was the year when our team was tasked to organize the biggest and grandest sports fest ever in the history of TeleTech in the Philippines. Imagine 13 weeks of sports fest in all of 13 TeleTech sites. And then after that, sites will pick the best of the best and send everyone in one big inter-site hard court battle. We even had to fly the selected ballers/champions from the Visayas region to battle it out with their Luzon counterparts to see who got the best team.

That, my friends, is the TeleTech Sports League Inter-site competition.

So, how do you hype it up across all sites and make it look really grand? We had the task of also making the employees feel that this is something to really look forward to. How?

We had to be inspired by the best basketball ads, and who else does it best but Nike? I remember this old school ad that was reinvented by   modern NBA players like Kobe and Lebron for Nike Air Force One’s 25 years. See the video ad here.

And as for us, we wanted something like it and we did our best to pull off our own. The only thing off is that the models for the Visayas sites were not able to emulate our shoot exactly so the final product did not really translate as what I had in mind, but still, a good job for the whole team.

It did catch the attention of people as this is the first time we had real representative models from each site.


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